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The Mission

At AgFood Future™, we aim to tackle the one of the world’s biggest issues of balancing climate sustainability and resources with long-term food security by promoting agri-food innovation and diverse, sustainable protein sources.

We bring together leaders in the agri-food industry, R&D community, start-ups, and investors to accelerate the route to market and demonstrate to all stakeholders that this is a viable economic growth solution. 

We also facilitate governments, industry, financial, and R&D institutions to address sustainable development challenges, disseminate SDG best practices, achieve positive ESG outcomes, and enhance China’s engagement in the global agriculture and food low-carbon transformation.


The impact of agri-food and protein innovation in the carbon transition is huge, and it will take all players working together to achieve real change.



With its huge population, consumer market and manufacturing capacity, China plays a vital role in ensuring global food sustainability.



At AGF, we’ve been pioneering agri-food and protein innovation in China for years, actively developing platforms, technologies, strategies and policies. 


About AGF

AgFood Future™ (AGF) was established by the China Plant Food Industry Alliance (CPBFA) and the US-China Agricultural and Food Co-operation Program (AFP). For years now, we have been standing at the nexus of agri-food and protein innovation in China and building trust among key government and industry decision-makers.

We bring together cross-sector and value-chain stakeholders for the technical and policy capacity-building and education needed to drive meat and dairy innovation in China. We also facilitate commercial and financial solutions to upgrade and transform supply chains.



In today’s world, a growing awareness of the relationship between food security, affordability, and environmental sustainability is changing the way we eat, produce, source, and trade food.

To make the most of this incredible time, we are promoting agri-food innovation and diverse, sustainable protein sources by advancing cross-disciplinary collaboration between both government and industry, conventional and alternative, and China and international players.

We believe that each stakeholder in our Ecosystem holds a piece of the puzzle to what we call the “AgFood Mix™” – strategies and solutions bringing together all categories of animal, plant, and protein technologies to achieve a food system that is affordable, secure, and sustainable. We’re pragmatists, so we view agri-food and protein innovation from an inclusive rather than an either/or perspective. The AgFood Mix™ is better for consumers, governments, and the environment. It’s a win-win for all.



The following stories are a small sampling of what we have been engaged with in China and around the world.
We invite you to join the movement to create a good future. 


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12 May: China’s Legal Perspective on Protein Innovation

Senior council member of Denton’s Law Offices, Mr. Wilfred Feng, shared his expert legal perspective on protein innovation at the 2021 Protein Innovation Workshop. Mr. Feng touched on the following three key components in his report:

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01 May: Regulatory Webinar Addresses Pain Points for China’s Plant-based Food Industry

It’s no secret that plant-based meat products have been on the rise in the international and China markets, bringing unprecedented connectivity

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Flagship Event

Each year we host the Future Foods Forum, China’s premier plant-based foods industry event.
Enjoy a clip below of last year’s event, hosted in Shanghai.