The following stories are a small sampling of what we have been engaged with in China and around the world.
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Cream Illustrated Easter Card
01 Jan: Huge Opportunities in China’s Plant-based Foods Market

China’s plant-based food market is booming. Even at this early phase of development, it has proven its market potential with investments injected reaching over $100 million USD to-date and expanding

Ryan Xue of CPBFA and Jennifer Lee of AFP
01 Nov: Heralding a New Age of Protein Innovation

The joint establishing of AgFood Future (AGF) by the China Plant Based Foods Alliance (CPBFA) and the U.S.-China Agriculture and Food Partnership (AFP) is certain to ring in a new age of robust cooperation between China and overseas protein stakeholders.

Joseph Zhou - CEO of Bits x Bites
25 Oct: Investment Secures Food Sustainability: Interview with Joseph Zhou of Bits x Bites

Bits x Bites is the first venture capital corporation to focus on agriculture and food technology in China. Joseph Zhou, the company’s managing

Interview with Vince Lv - CEO of Zhen Meat
12 Oct: Future Meat in China: A Conversation with Vince Lv of Zhen Meat

Vince Lv, CEO of Zhen Meat Company, which focuses on meat substitute innovation through plant-based food, is a pioneer in China’s food market. He shared his experience with us

Future Foods Forum for Plant-Based Foods in Shanghai 2020
30 Sep: Future Food Forum in Shanghai 2020

A recent high-profile gathering of the plant-based food industry has put a spotlight on the market’s future in China. On September 25 – 27, businesses, investors, legal and technology experts, along with service providers and stakeholders