The following stories are a small sampling of what we have been engaged with in China and around the world.
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05 Jun: China’s Legal Perspective on Protein Innovation

Senior council member of Denton’s Law Offices, Mr. Wilfred Feng, shared his expert legal perspective on protein innovation at the 2021 Protein Innovation Workshop. Mr. Feng touched on the following three key components in his report:

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12 May: Brief: The State of Protein Investments in China

Investment opportunities for protein innovation in China are wide open right now. Mr. Tao Zhang, co-founder of Dao Foods, an investment firm focusing on alternative protein innovation in China, recently shared with us his observations.

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01 May: Regulatory Webinar Addresses Pain Points for China’s Plant-based Food Industry

It’s no secret that plant-based meat products have been on the rise in the international and China markets, bringing unprecedented connectivity

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30 Apr: China Meat Industry: Innovation is Key

In a recent Protein Innovation Webinar hosted by AGF, Mr. Chen Wei, Executive Vice President of the China Meat Association (CMA), spoke on upgrading the meat industry in China as well as the current challenges faced by alternative meat.

Blended protein - the way forward
07 Mar: “With 50% Less Meat!” Why Blended Protein is the Way of the Future

The AGF-hosted Protein Innovation Webinar on March 4 brought together, for the first time ever, a four-way collaboration of China and U.S. players in both industries.

Protein innovation brings everyone to the table
05 Mar: First International Protein Innovation Webinar Brings Everyone To the Table

The future is now. Developments in alternative protein are moving forward in leaps and bounds.