About Us

AgFood Future is where China’s tomorrow of agriculture and food is realized. We are the window for the world to know what is happening in China’s agriculture and food industry.

We are also a bridge to connect the ecosystem between China and the rest of the world across the whole value chain of agriculture and food. In addition, we are the hub to develop innovation and entrepreneurship in and out of China. 

AgFood Future aims to seriously shake and re-shape the agriculture & food world. The breakthroughs and innovations that we facilitate and incubate will lead to new connections, new solutions, and new lifestyles from field to dining table. 

In 2020, China Plant-Based Foods Alliance (CPBFA) and US-China Agriculture and Food Partnership (AFP) jointly initiated the International Alternative Protein Collaborative. The Collaborative aims to build and develop a symbiotic ecosystem that involves cross-industry-chain stakeholders of the merging market of alternative protein food in China. 

Ranging from Chinese market regulators, domestic and international industry representatives, and various business service providers, the Collaborative builds a communication platform for open dialogues between private partakers and public partakers, also Chinese players and International players. 

Connecting all stakeholders across the industrial chain, the Collaborative can form a consensus and shared a unified message in regulation, standard and certification, innovation, and market education. With one accord, China’s alternative protein foods industry can march and form social autonomy. Our goal is to ensure easier access to the industry for both Chinese and international players in the future. 

As a pioneer in the alternative protein industry, the AgFood Future’s commercial arm, Alternative Protein Labs, is a hub for innovation and commercialization under the ecosystem. 

We have entered in-depth partnerships with a series of corporations, from startups and medium-sized companies to multinationals, to establish a brand new innovation and commercialization ecosystem with technology innovation, consultation, trade services, and investment. 

We aim to accelerate the China-International collaboration in the alternative protein industry and speed up players’ innovation and commercialization across the industrial chain. 

Together, We Work To:

  1. Promote coordinated industry innovation
  2. Guide public education and create ongoing discourse
  3. Help government partners to develop a healthy and regulatory environment
  4. Refine standards and certification systems for sustainable growth


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