First International Protein Innovation Webinar Brings Everyone To the Table

The future is now. Developments in alternative protein are moving forward in leaps and bounds. There’s never been a better time to dive deep into this industry and discover all it has to offer. The unique global environment today presents unmatched opportunities for players on all levels to engage in real solutions for sustainability, bringing value for all. 

The groundbreaking Protein Innovation Workshop brought together, for the first time ever, key leaders in the animal and plant protein sectors from both the U.S. and China who spoke on the future of protein development. The workshop was attended by Chinese and American stakeholders from the traditional meat protein as well as plant-based and other alternative protein arenas, in addition to international regulatory agencies and scientific research institutions. The foreseeable outcome of this four-way collaboration is the acceleration of carbon-neutral goals among nations and across sectors to achieve global food sustainability.

This one-day webinar on March 4th, 20201 focused on bridging traditional silos, discovering common ground and promoting international and cross-industry cooperation opportunities. The workshop speakers represented the entire protein industry supply chain for the U.S. and China, the two biggest players in the world. Everyone agreed that we share the same future with the same goal: to satisfy the world’s demand of quality protein. Together, we are truly “蛋白创新共同体”-  A community with a shared future for protein innovation.


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