The Mission

At AgFood Future™, we aim to tackle the one of the world’s biggest issues of balancing climate sustainability and resources with long-term food security by promoting agri-food innovation and diverse, sustainable protein sources.

We bring together government, industry, financial, and R&D institutions to address sustainable development challenges, disseminate best practices, achieve SDGs, and enhance China's engagement in the global agriculture and food low-carbon transformation.


Agri-food is the  missing piece to the low-carbon transformation. Until now, the focus has been primarily on energy, industrial manufacturing and transportation, yet 25% of GHGs are from the food supply chain.


Of the 25%, more than half come from industrial farming of animal protein – more than the entire transport sector! Protein innovation is, therefore, the critical strategy to lower emissions along the food supply chain.


AGF bridges a 300+ member ecosystem, educates consumer and cross-sector industry audiences, influences governance, guides industry development, and deploys breakthroughs to accelerate global food system transformation.

AGF Scope

AGF is strategically positioned for global impact. We work in the world’s most populous nation, which consumes the most meat, produces the most plant protein and has the highest market potential of any nation. Not only that, by focusing on protein innovation – which produces more emissions that any other segment of the food supply chain – we are helping to ensure a smooth, successful low-carbon transformation.

About AGF

AgFood Future is an initiative by: China’s only protein innovation association, and an established, international, public-private agri-food partnership.

Together, we are vibrant, 500+ member ecosystem uniquely positioned to accelerate the low-carbon transformation of the entire food supply chain.


We Enable Low Carbon Transformation by:

  1. Quantifying outcomes
  2. Certifying & reporting results
  3. Deploying new technology

Our AgFood Mix™ framework defines quantifiable, scientific indicators on three levels to link SDGs with agri-food and protein innovation.

It supports the low-carbon transformation of the agri-food supply chain by balancing developments in food security, economic growth, and climate goals. 

AgFood Mix Framework

The following stories are a small sampling of what we have been engaged with in China and around the world.
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12 May: Brief: The State of Protein Investments in China

Investment opportunities for protein innovation in China are wide open right now. Mr. Tao Zhang, co-founder of Dao Foods, an investment firm focusing on alternative protein innovation in China, recently shared with us his observations.

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01 May: Regulatory Webinar Addresses Pain Points for China’s Plant-based Food Industry

It’s no secret that plant-based meat products have been on the rise in the international and China markets, bringing unprecedented connectivity

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30 Apr: China Meat Industry: Innovation is Key

In a recent Protein Innovation Webinar hosted by AGF, Mr. Chen Wei, Executive Vice President of the China Meat Association (CMA), spoke on upgrading the meat industry in China as well as the current challenges faced by alternative meat.

Flagship Event

Each year we host the Future Foods Forum, China’s premier plant-based foods industry event.
Enjoy a clip below of last year’s event, hosted in Shanghai.