Protein Innovation Plants Seeds of Collaboration: Amcham Feature Story

The AGF initiative was the cover story on Amcham China’s Quarterly:  Full story here.

Jennifer Lee, AFP: Currently in China, protein innovation is gaining interest and the CPBFA is one of the pioneers leading this movement. Our two organizations – the AFP and the CBPFA – have been collaborating on the critical issue of agri-food sustainability. Ryan, do you want to begin by talking a bit about why our two organizations are partnering, provide some background on the CPBFA, and share some insights on the protein innovation trend and its development over the past three years in China?

Ryan Xue, CPBFA: The China Plant Based Food Alliance (CPBFA) was originally a spinoff of the State Food Nutrition Consulting Committee. We officially launched in 2018, with around 30 founding members. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a boom in memberships, from 50 to 120 in 2019. When Beyond Meat went public in May 2019, we began to see even more interest from Chinese domestic companies. Currently we have 260 members and we’re still growing. Our membership is diverse, and we are seeing financial institutions increasingly interested in our work – we have at least 50-member companies in this sector. Recently, European and North American investors have become extremely interested in APAC and China. Our mission is to promote protein innovation in China. To achieve this, we work closely with the public and private sectors to facilitate protein innovations aligned with organizations’ strategies and incentivize behavior change…

Click to read full article on the AmCham China website.


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